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Jet Ski from $80

Experience the rush of riding a jet ski around our 1km course in the blue waters of the Gold Coast. You can enjoy the ultimate rush as our 1500 cc Seadoo Jetski's reach speeds of over 80km/h, located right on the shores of the idyllic water sports playground that is the Broadwater.

Our experienced staff can have you on the water and on your way to an adventure you'll never forget.  After your safety briefing, you will be given a life jacket and mount our jet ski for some real fun around the course.  So all you really need to do is bring along your enthusiasm and a sense of adventure!

30 minutes, 1hour tours and 2 hour tours available.

No Jet Ski licence required.

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BBQ Pontoon from $200

A great way to spend the day with family and friends. These self-drive, self catering pontoons make cruising the Broadwater fun and relaxing. With an onboard BBQ, built in eski and access to fishing rods. Take in the beauty of the Broadwater with its clear blue waters, isolated islands and golden sandy beaches. See dolphins at play while pelicans and sea eagles soar overhead. It's an experience you won't forget.

No boat licence required

Half Cabin Cruiser from $75

Our half cabin cruisers are available from one hour up to a full day hire. These great little cruisers cater for up to 6 people and will keep you well shaded with its protective half bimini.

No boat licence required


Jet Boat

It's 30 minutes of Pure Adrenalin aboard our awesome jet boats. Check out the multi-million dollar mansions and impressive super yachts as we cruise up the Nerang River and then HOLD ON as your driver unleashes the full power of his powerful jet boat. Hurtling along at speeds of almost 80kph, You wil be astonished at the skill of the driver as you speed by beaches and sandbars in only inches of water. This will get your heart pumping! With a hair raising combo of high speed slides and turns, wicked fishtails, mind blowing 360° spins and power breaks in water only inches deep. ARE YOU READY !!!!!

We depart daily from SeaWorld Resort Watersports.
Adults $60 ... Kids $45...Family $160

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Charter a Jet Boat ($550)

Private charter are perfect occasions with a difference. Corporate events, team building, birthdays and Christmas parties have never been so much fun. For the exclusive use of your own jet boat please phone our dedicated crew to explore the possibilities.

Call for a quote today, (07) 5591 0085 or 040 444 5000

Kayak from $20

What better way to spend an hour or more, paddling your kayak on the Nerang River. Check out the multi-million dollar mansions and impressive super yachts. Take in the beauty of the Broadwater with its clear blue waters, isolated islands and golden sandy beaches. See dolphins at play while pelicans and sea eagles soar overhead.

It's an experience you won't forget. Available from Sea World Resort Water Sports.

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Book Now
Give us a call: (07) 5591 0085 or email

We cater for all ages and boating experience.

Extreme Jet Boating
extreme jet boatingPrepare yourself for Extreme exhiliration. This Extreme activity is set to blow your mind!
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Boat Hire
boat hireWe have a wide range of quality boats for hire to satisfy all of your boating requirements.
Party Pontoons
party pontoonsEnjoy the Pleasure of cruising on the beautiful Broadwater with family & friends on one of our BBQ Party Pontoons.